Impacting Gender and Nutrition through Innovative Technical Exchange in Agriculture (IGNITE)- Funded by Tanager (2022-2024) With funding support from Tanager.

The project aims to bolster African agricultural institutions by integrating nutrition and mainstreaming gender into their operations. We aimed to enhance these institutions’ capacity to integrate gender and nutrition-sensitive approaches, promote women’s empowerment in agriculture, ensure equitable access to nutritious diets, and cultivate a network of local service providers.

CGE Africa, representing Tanager for the IGNITE Project, as a service provider to AMO Farm in Nigeria to focus on Gender and Nutrition. Notable activities include a one-week IGNITE Local Service Providers (LSP) Summit in Kenya, a two-day training on Gender and Nutrition, and another week-long IGNITE LSP Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with CGE Africa actively participating in all these impactful events. These activities mark significant steps toward transforming agricultural practices for a more inclusive and nutritious future.