School of Gender and Economics (SOGE)

The School of Gender and Economics (SOGE) is a comprehensive capacity development and policy advisory services program pioneered by CGE Africa that aims to help economic policies and poverty reduction strategies deliver results equitably to women and men, girls and boys. The courses offered aim to provide hands-on skills to civil society organizations, middle-level government planning officials, and African parliamentary staff. The courses consist of modules that address the most critical gender issues in all aspects of macroeconomic development in Africa. The modules can also be tailored for immediate and specific capacity development and policy advisory support to meet an organization’s or a country’s particular needs.

Gender and Blue Economy Working Group (GBEE-WOG)

The National Working Group on Gender and Blue Economy, hosted at the Center for Gender Economics in Africa (CGE Africa), is a dynamic research and advocacy initiative dedicated to promoting gender equality and fostering inclusivity within Nigeria’s Blue Economy Sector. It comprises diverse stakeholders from civil society, and together, we envision a future where gender considerations drive sustainable development in the blue economy sector.