About Our Organisation


Who We Are


The Center for Gender Economics in Africa (CGE Africa) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting women’s economic empowerment and inclusive economic growth for all in society. Founded in 2011, CGE Africa responds to the Call to Action of the United Nations Secretary-General’s (UNSG) High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment. Building on the work of the UNSG Panel Sustainable Development Goal Number 5, CGE Africa brings her experience and a frame of reference on women and girls to initiatives that enhance human capital as foundations of economic growth and equitable, prosperous, and peaceful communities. CGE Africa takes a targeted and strategic approach to promoting gender equity, increased economic participation, and women’s agency.

Women’s economic empowerment (WEE) is a cross-cutting issue that benefits all in society – women, men, girls, and boys –especially those within vulnerable and under-represented populations. When women are more fully included, and their economic contributions are accounted for, the economic pie is bigger, and the potential benefit for everyone is more significant. Moreover, the related benefits of inclusivity, health, social and community well-being, and investments in the next generation are increased. CGE Africa is a small but innovative, inclusive, and nimble organization that has proven successes in advocating for women’s economic empowerment in regional fora –delivering value for stakeholders and serving as a reform catalyst. We continually seek to enhance our institutional relevance, effectiveness, and sustainability by partnering and collaborating with others and building the capacity of other local organizations to increase our reach and impact on the ground. CGE Africa’s team is experienced, with members in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Vision

An Africa, in which all countries’ economies are gender aware and equal

Our Mission

We inspire divers leaders in Africa to attain gender equality in economic policies and practices.

Our Strategic Objectives

To increase just and equitable policies and regulations that promote women’s economic participation

To increase access to economic resources towards financial independence

To Increase control of economic assets by women.

Enhance holistic economic wellbeing for women across all ages

Our Values



We are committed to making positive difference to the economic situations of women and girls to impact our society as a whole.



Bringing together everyone who share our vision, we achieve greater together.



Respecting the stories of women and girls, especially those that experience difficult, exclusionary, discriminatory and violent situations. Our commitment is to make a difference.


Transparency & Accountability

We are committed to and will be guided by the principle of transparency and accountability to all our stakeholders including participating beneficiaries, funding partners, and relevant stakeholders.